Where words fail, music speaks +GIVEAWAY+

Auchan gave me the opportunity to test their Qilive bluetooth headphones. I’m really excited for this because I’m very picky when it comes to electronic stuff. I guess that I’m cursed or something because I always pick the wrong items. I can’t relate with the electronic vocabulary. When somebody tells me, “Oh but they have, 10000hmz and 345 whatever..:” I’m that person who answers: “Sooooo is that a good thing or a bad thing?” If you’re hoping for a detailed headphone critic…This is definitely the wrong post for you…the only thing I can say about those headphones is:

They are not expensive at all. (59,90€) ( I mean I bought the BOSE ones and I spent a hell out of money)

They last about 20 hours, which is really okay, you can change them into different sizes and the best part of it, you can leave the smartphone in your bag or pocket when you’re using them because you can change the music via rotation button on the headphone and when you get a call, there is even a phone button to pick up.

Even if the headphones from Qilive don’t have the quiet comfort button, you literally can’t hear a thing from the outside when your music’s on.

The best thing is, when you take them of for a few seconds and rotate the ear pads they automatically pause the music and will play again when put on…I mean TECHNOLOGY is BAE!!!!!!

They exist in 4 colors, but I’m a simple kinda gal, so I took the white ones because they match with everything. The powdery pink ones are also cute AF, if you wanna have a sneak peak of them you can see them here.

They’re a plus if you’re a Star Wars fan, I mean you totally get Princess Leia vibes with those headphones…

Last one: They are so easy to handle, once you put them on, you connect them with your smartphone and the music can run through your ears and veins.



If you think, “Hmmmmmm Yaya, I really want them too”, this is your chance!!!!

>>CLICK HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO<<< to win a pair of Qilive Headphones. Winner’s will be selected in my next Video!!!So hurry up;)


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5 thoughts on “Where words fail, music speaks +GIVEAWAY+

  1. Hey super Foto‘en. An flott Beschreiwung vun den Kopfhörer. Gin mer se mol ukucken schengen interessant ze sin.
    Mach weider sou Yaya.. ;)


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