The fresh Sushi from Belair!

If you live on the same planet and not under a rock, you probably know where to find some good sushi here in Luxembourg. Exactly! And we’re not talking about your favorite chinese restaurant where they’re accidentally serving you some “sushi”… No I’m talking about Hakii. Hakii, which literally means destruction, (a thing I did a minute ago talking about your favorite chinese restaurant) is a delicious Asian bistro in Belair. Not the Belair in Hollywood…we luxembourger also have a Belair…because we’re fan-cayyyyy…

I visited Hakii, because I heard a lot of it, but the moment I collapsed was, when I saw some pictures of their sushi on Facebook. At that moment I told myself…Yaya you need to visit it…it’s like a must must must!!!!

We ordered some appetizers and the sushi plate deluxe. The food was amazing. I really enjoyed my vegetable Gyoza and my plate afterwards…but I thought the deluxe plate would be more thrilling. The plate had some Maki’s, Californias and Nigiris. It was really great, but it was like really basic. After that I was already full, but I wanted more…I wanted those rolls I saw on social media. That’s why I ordered two other Rolls.

The Chef’s Surprise

and the Salmon Truffle Sushi

YAAAAS!That was exactly what I wanted. Some crazy tasty Sushi! It was really amazing and I was a little bit disappointed that I already ordered that deluxe plate before. I’m definitely going to choose my own sushi next time instead of a sushi plate.

The only negative point was that the service was a little bit slow, but REALLY FRIENDLY!!!!So I hope that you like what you see and that I gave you an idea to visit this awesome bistro.

Have you been to Hakii once?Which is your favorit Sushi?



Hakii Belair 
21 Boulevard Pierre Dupong,
1430 Luxembourg
Heute geöffnet · 11:00–14:00


































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