Listen to the Siren’s Call…

OMG you guy’s! I did a collaboration with “Den Atelier”.

Thanks to them and Anna Katina, I had the chance to attend the new electro festival in Luxembourg. It was it’s first time the festival took place in Luxembourg. I have to say that my first impression was like, yeah sure, I love music and it’s so much fun to socialize at events like that, but right at the moment I entered I knew that this festival would be something special. The whole festival had three stages, (I know right?How can they manage three stages in tiny Luxembourg…) Abbey Stage, Melusina, and St. Joseph Church. There were a lot of people who thought that this festival would replace the RAF…but I hope NOT!!! For me the Siren’s Call was so much better. It was such an intimate experience. I mean you could have a private experience with your favorite musician, like literally, a friend of mine spoke with the guy from RYX at a fries station.

That’s also another great thing. So many food trucks were present. You could chose, sushi, indian food or even homemade patato fries from the FRIESBROS. Their Guac on top of the fries was to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!! I wanted to take a bath in that delicious mexican dip!!!!!!!

I had a very fun Saturday afternoon and the best part of it was that I saw so many people back from my past, which I was very pleased to see again!Even if some people think that festivals in Luxembourg suck, it’s events like this one who brings people together. I swear the key to world peace isn’t a beauty pageant, it’s food, drinks and music.

My personal highlight ( which you could see in my SNAPSTORY, and if you didn’t you forget to follow me…;-P) was RYX and Francesco Tristano. Francesco played at the St. Joseph church and this was such an amazing experience. Even if his team kicked me out of the church for a moment, so he could do his soundcheck, was this still one of my favourite concert….unless you’re Oscar and the wolf!!!!! ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDIN ME? They were soooooooo FESTIVAL GOALS AF!!!!! I know it seems that I left the planet for a few years but I never heard such a thing of Max Colombie’s wolfpack! They were so good and I hope that they’re coming back to Luxembourg…I mean have you heard some songs of them?NO!Well you should!!!!!The front singer knows how to rock the stage with his body language and then in combination with their music! EPIC! Hope to see them again and shade Max for stealing my dance moves. They are mine OK!Haha JK. I did a few snaps about the band on stage and so many people responded with “Why is the front singer of “Oscar and the wolf” dancing like you do?” It was insane…

However the festival was a succes and I really hope that this wasn’t the last time I could rock to electro beats in such a beautiful place!

Do you love festivals?Would you visit such a beautiful festival like I did?

Tell me in the comment section below…






























































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