Facts why Anne Faber is annoying…

…ly good throwing dinner party’s!HA GOTCHA!

If you know me, you also know that for me, Anne is my vintage QWEEN (yeah guy’s with a “w”!!!!) of Luxembourg. I love her style and totally love the fact that she’s like a modern version of Julia Child! In fact secretly, I think that she’s the reincarnation of the american chef! Like Zoe Dechanel would say “she’s a quirky guuuuuuurl”!

Anne invited some bloggers to the Eggo Kitchen House. I still don’t know why she invited me but I guess because she knew that I’m horrible at cooking, and that I could learn a few things from her. Just kidding and…NOT!(The me cooking part guy’s!!!!!!)

So, when I arrived the team from EGGO and Anne welcomed me in such a polite and cute way. Anne gave me her warmest hug and offered me some bubbles, cause we housewives from Lux Citay need bubbles!!!!!

It was such a nice event and even the fact that Anne was a little bit nervous she handled her crowd like a pro!I mean she’s THA MOTHERFRIKKIN MVPPPPP!

After a few drinks some funny snaps with Misses Violet and some lovely chats with friends, Anne started her show cooking. Okay I have to correct this…It wasn’t a show cooking, it was more like a dinner party from a friend, like, you know that one friend who travels the world and when they come back home the first thing they want to do is a lil kitchen party with drinks, story’s and food…???It was exactly that feeling I had back then!

She showed us how to make some Mettwurscht Muffin’s, Orange creme which tasted like effin Christmas and my personal highlight de la muerte….KACHKEIS PASTA!! OMG GUY’s this was actually the best shit I tried! For my american friends; Kachkeis Pasta is like Mac’nCheese but just waaaaay better!!!!Sorry not sorry! This is a new recipe from her newest book which you can order here!

I really had a blast and I must tell you that even if some chef’s say that her cooking skills aren’t exquisit enough, this means that they doesn’t understand her way of cooking. She told us that back in the day when she was a student in England, she created some recipes which are made really quick to prepare and everybody know’s that she loves to mix food with some traditional luxembourgish recipes. The best proof are the “Kachkeis” Pasta! It’s incredible how she mixed Italian/American food and turned it into a nostalgic modern luxembourgish dish!

Btw I took 2 portions of the “Kachkeis” Pasta!!!couldn’t care less about the others when they she literally gave me foodporn!

Okay, maybe here is the point where you see that I did not really itemized facts about Anne or how good she is but I guess got the vibe! After that I had some thought’s about the word show cooking, and this was really not it, because for a show cooking you have to pay a big amount of money, and you’re not getting spoiled like the way Anne and the team of Eggo did it with us!!!

My Saturday after noon was a real bummer! I made some new friends and had some awesome conversations!

What do you think about Anne’s way of cooking??!

If you’re interested to buy a kitchen once, go to Eggo and have a look at their collection.

Hope you liked my “Anti” Anne post;)

Luv ya




20 Rue des Scillas,

2529 Howald







































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