Friendship over the years















One of the best things in life is to have loyal friends. I’m blessed and I’m happy to have friends like M&M…No those are not sweets but my friends since like…FOREVER. Even if we can’t manage to hang out everyday like we did in Kindergarden or High school, I know that they’re always there for me if I need them. It’s totally fine if you have friends which you just met for a moment in your life, I mean some people come and some people go, but the ones you have the deepest connection and who always think of you even if you’re not around anymore, these are actually your true friend. A song, a piece of clothes or even a movie can remind you of a funny story of that special person, and for a second it can brighten up your day. I guess you know what I’m talking about. It’s that special bond you have that when you meet again it’s like nothing changed.

The best way to spend a day with friends and to catch up is with a cup of coffee or tea. My friends and I have that special day: Like Regina George’s Squad wears pink on Wednesday, we actually wear sweaters on Saturday, and drink some Matcha Latte at Bloom’s. It’s such a beautiful place to hang out and even to meet new people. Last time we met an American couple who live in the city. They were really adorb’s. Shoutout to them;)

I’m happy to share a post like this with you because those are people which are very important to me. They gave me strength and support even on dark days of my life…Thank you for being in my life and supporting me. Even you, if you know me and you have a funny thought or story right now which happened to us. Thank you that I could share some time with you in the past or even right now. It’s always good to know that there are some people behind my back. The funniest thing is, that there are also people, which I never expected that they would visit my blog and then they say things like: I saw your post of…” And that’s amazing and such a beautiful feeling to know that there are some people who actually care. And that’s my point, even if you’re in a dark place right now and you think that there is like NOBODY, open up your eyes and take a closer look, there are always people who hold your back even if you can’t see them in first place. Take your time and don’t desire more from life what you actually already have…

This post is for the lost souls who were part of my life…

This is for the people I’m meeting in my life,

for triple M, L, Jay-Booooo and Red C in my life(BTW C is the one who really has to stand ALL of my moods, and I love you for not quitting this relation<3)

for the people who need a hug right now!

Do you also have friends like this, who have always your back?No matter what?Tag your bestie <3

I love you









101 Rue Adolphe Fischer,

1521 Luxembourg

Tel: 28 99 80 20

One thought on “Friendship over the years

  1. Fantastic post. Friends are so important and I’m also have friends like yours who are always there for me. Support me but also give me their opinion, that sometimes help to find the correct way. I think we could be really happy, to have friends like this :-)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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