Easter Weekend











Happy Easter!Hope you had some great time with your family!I love Easter!For me it’s like Christmas, but with better weather!#rime

I decided last minute to make a cake for my family. I’m really not good at baking but this tiume I think I had a visit from my fairy godmother. Or I was just horribly kissed by a muse. I wanted to do a typical carrot cheese cake, like the one from Starbucks. I made three layers and added some frosting. After that I made a pink ganache to have this dripping effect on my cake. My topping looked horrible so I decided to decorate it with some fruits. And voilà…Cake à la yaya. I have to say that my best friend is an awesome baker and I always loved to watch her when she baked some cakes. She had a huge influence on my work…that’s also why everybody didn’t believe me that I made this cake by myself! But it really was the case…

I spended my Easter weekend with my family. It was really casual and no big deal. My mom bought me a movie card which I can use at our theatre. It’s a really good gift because people who know me, know that the cinema is my second home xD

I’m so excited lately because there are so many things which are happening right now involving my blog. I hope I can tell you everything soon…

I hope you liked this post…What about my cake? Kinda big right?

Hope you had a nice Easter with your family and friends!Don’t forget to add me on snapchat for news and funny moments ;)

Stay fresh and always love yourself





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