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I went to Moi Moi for my second time. The first time was not very good so I decided to give it another try. And guy’s it changed a lot! Hashimoto is back! If you know him your surely know that his suhsi is tha best. I have to say it’s so true. Moi-moi is a little tiny japanese restaurant in my hometown. It’s always busy, so if you wanna try it you have to take a reservation! I went a few times spontanously and it was always overbooked.

I went with my good friend Jay. We our Sushi Buddies and loooooove to eat some raw fish while spilling some tea;)…Well he is I’m a veggie so I don’t do fish anymore;)

I took every veggie dish they offered. Veggie Gyoza, Veggie Tempura, and Veggie Sushi! Everything was perfect…well, quiet perfect…The moment I recieved our wonderful tasty food, I tried the veggie tempura first and there it was…biggest mistake ever…I bit into a scampi!!!!! I never spit some food out in a restaurant but back then I had to. I wanted to tell the waiter that I had in fact two scampi’s in my tempura and his anwer was: “Yeah so next time you just have to ask for more scampi if you want more that’s no problem”…I mean you could litterally see that the shape of my head was an question mark and I replied: “Well NO,(lol) I’m a veggie!” In exactly that moment his face turned from nude to white and ran back into the kitchen…a few minutes later he came back and apologized that it was his fault and that he’s really sorry. It was really not a biggie but then I thought that it still happened! I mean there are other veggie’s or vegan’s who are way harsh when somebody’s forgetting that they’re not eating meat or fish.


The rest was just insane. The sushi was so good and the rice was on point. Even if some mistakes happened, I’m turning back because the food and that whole japanese theme are great.


5 Rue de la Libération,
3510 Dudelange, Luxemburg

Do you like sushi?What is your favorite one?Tell me

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16 thoughts on “Moi-Moi!

  1. Omg I went to MoiMoi last week and it was a little expensive but Hashimoto sushi is worth all my money!Lovely pics

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  2. Hmmmmmm, ech muss deen endlech eng keier testen goen.Daat geseit jo alles richteg gudd aus


  3. Ich liebe Sushi und Sashimi. Einfach mega lecker. Die Gyoza sahen aber auch mega lecker aus. Wenn du weiter so viele tolle Restaurants und Cafés in Luxemburg vorstellst, muss ich mir mal einen Flieger dorthin buchen und alles ausprobieren. Wirklich top Empfehlungen.
    Beste Grüße aus München

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