Oak is not a tree!







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Last week I met my friend M. for lunch. We decided to grab something healthy this time. So I came with the idea to eat at OAK. Oak is a little vegan bistro in the city of Luxembourg. I knew them because I had a flyer in a goodie bag once, and they catered an event I went to. My first impression was quiet okay. Afterwards I have to say that, for me, this is one of the best VEGAN bistros here in Luxembourg.  It’s a little bit expensive for the quantity I had, but I can imagine with those rent prizes here in Luxembourg, it’s no wonder a lunch like this is at 14,95€! Okay, maybe now I killed you the vibe for it, but there is a HUUUUUGE BUT!!!!!: Everything is HOMEMADE, TASTY, PALM OIL FREE, GLUTEN FREE and ORGANIC. I mean for such a good quality, it’s really okay to pay a little bit more. The only negative point I have is that after lunch I was still a little bit hungry. The food was very tasty. I had a sweet potatoe soup as a starter and a canellini balls plate with a beet apple salad as a main dish. My drink was a homemade juice. Really tasty but unfortunately it was served in a tiny glas and the 5,00€ I had to pay for it changed my mind to take another one.

If you’re really want to have a nice healthy vegan lunch, this is the perfect place for you. I mean, their dishes are made so full of love, that you have to like them! I’m definitely going back, because they really rock, and everything they make is totally fresh! And the owner and staff are super nice! #girlytalk




TEL: + 352 26 48 06 60


I hope you liked my post, and I hope we’re going to see us there once in a while…

What do you think of Oak?Have you been there once?Or aren’t you a fan of vegan food?Tell me on the comment section below.

Don’t forget, stay fresh and always love yourself! <3


10 thoughts on “Oak is not a tree!

  1. The little vegan bistro and the food looks really great. I think it is okay to pay more for the quality you mentioned.
    I tried last year a vegan restaurant in Munich and that was not the best food. But your’s looks really great. :-)


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  2. “The only negative point I have is that after lunch I was still a little bit hungry”… the portion does look tiny. Not sure I’d eat there :(



  3. Ok, yes I was shocked about the prize but it looks so YUMMY! And I totally agree with you, if you want something really good and healthy you have to pay a little bit more. That’s ok and I guess I will give it a try soon. ;-)

    Happy Bunny Days!
    xo, Sara

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