In the garden of Christian Dior






































I had the opportunity to join a private event at the Dior showroom in Luxembourg. The host of this event was Sun from Sunzibar. She’s a blogger friend I know and I really appreciate her for all the work and events she’s doing in Luxembourg. If you’re interested to know more about her, click the link here.

The event at Dior was epic. I really enjoyed the time I spent there. You even can’t imagine how polite and very respectful the people from Dior were. They informed us about the story of the house of Dior. The whole evening was a delight and the fact that they were so nice and friendly, made me feel very comfortable. Every question we had, they were answered by them. They even said that we could feel like home and try everything we wanted. That was amazing. I think the guys from Louis Vuitton in Luxembourg could take a workshop at Dior in How to be nice with customers.#SHADE

A few girls even tried some haute couture and Sun tried a very nice tutu dress. She really looked amazing in that dress.

I know what you thinkin, that I had nothing to do there because Dior is everything but not a plus size brand. Maybe you’re right, but I love it to have a look at accessoirs and to be inspired from the whole collection, and of course I’m still dreaming about a J’adior 8 T-Shirt, like the one Carrie wore in the second movie from SATC!

Have you seen my story on snapchat and instagram about the evening? What do you think about the new collection from Dior? I really enjoyed the evening, the cocktails and food were amazing, and also the staff. ESPECIALLY THE STAFF! It’s very rare to find friendly shop assistants in Luxembourg, but they from DIOR were high class friendly!!! I know I already said it a lot but I’m just really suprised about that fact!

Hope you liked my blog, and if you have any questions about the collection or the brand itself, feel free to go to the store, the staff is happy to welcome you.

A big Thank you to Sunzibar and ANOUK who made this picture of myself! :-*

Don’t forget to stay fresh and allways love yourself :-*



3 thoughts on “In the garden of Christian Dior

  1. That looked so amazing in your stories! I was jealous AF!!! So now I need to become friends with Sun to get an invitation next time, right. ;-) Just kidding! I love the new collection and especially the J’adior bags. <3

    Xo, Sara

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