Teatime like a Qween!













My friend who lived in London is back living in Luxembourg again. Unfortunately… The good thing about is that we can meet more often. To cheer her a little bit up I decided to take her out for some tea. There is no better place like Ladurée to enjoy some nice tea with lovely sweet treats. We both took the mint tea and three little macrons. Before that day, we went to lunch together so we were still full, but there is always some space for macarons.

There is nothing I really don’t like about Ladurée. The place is like a little doll house. Everything has this pastel cute Marie Antoinette touch. Fun fact: Did you know that the cakes in the Sophia Coppola movie “Marie Antoinette” were from Ladurée? Now you know ;)

The service was quite okay. I guess our servant was new, but he was really polite. The macrons were on point and the tea was very delicious. I like the concept of the vintage look at Ladurée. They make tea party’s cool again. I think that would be an awesome place to have a tea time themed birthday…but that’s just one of many thoughts in my head…

What do you think of Ladurée? Isn’t that place just amazing? I think if you’re havin’ a really shitty day and you wanted to feel special, this is the right place to be.




7 Rue des Capucins,

2340 Luxembourg

Tel. 28 26 13 06


16 thoughts on “Teatime like a Qween!

  1. ahhhhhhhhh !
    Ich liebe sowas total! Am Nachmittag schön eine Tasse Tee oder Kaffee und dazu ein bisschen Gebäck. VOLL MEINS!
    Vielleicht machen wir das ja mal irgendwann zusammen! :)

    Matthew <3

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  2. Das Ladurée sieht richtig toll aus. Wirklich eine Hammer Einrichtung. Richtig gemütlich und wirklich perfekt geeignet für eine Teepause :-) Ich liebe ja Macarons von daher bin ich jetzt schon ein totaler Fan von dieser Location. Danke für den Tipp.
    Genieße noch die Zeit in Luxemburg.
    Grüße aus München


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