What happened to Puma? Nothing special, but I think that this is a brand which happened to be forgotten in the past few years. Since our famous friends RiRi and Kylie Jenner did a collab together they literally rescued Puma from their crisis. I think Puma is getting more and more popular by the younger generation. This white trash 90’s style is a huge thing in the fashion industry at the moment. Thanks to our friends the Kardashians and C.O! I have to say that Puma was always in the shadow of his big brother Adidas, but I think this is going to change. They’re also doing plus-size clothes which speaks for them. They try to fit in every niche which nobody cares at the moment and it happens to be the right thing. When I saw that Puma’s doing a plus size collection I was very surprised. At the beginning I thought that the collection will not be something I really wanted to have, but now that I saw some of their stuff, I’m like obsessed. I love the colours and the edgyness they’re using…The last time that I saw something like this was in the 90’s by Levi’s. I bought some shirts of their plus size collection on Asos, and I’m really in love with the fabric and the quality. Very convincingly!!!! Even if I pay a lot more for those shirts I know that those shirts are still fine in a few years without an issue. It’s not like you’re going to buy clothes from a clothing chain.

I love the new ideas behind Puma. They don’t care to fit in a closet anymore , if they want to use a bright pink colour for men they’ll do it! This genderfreedom is clearly a statement. In a few weeks Riri’s collection FENTY by PUMA will be in stores, and it happens that PUMA also has already a new face for their product. This year Big Sean is going to join the Puma Squad!

I’m very excited about this and it will definitely not be the last time that I bought something from their plus size collection.

If you’re also curious about more Pumatastic XXL Fashion, you can find the collection >here<

I combined my burgundy Puma T-shirt with a Denim Shirt and some Camel Chinos. I love the combination between those three colours. It’s like a freshman college style. I hope you like my outfit like I do. This is an outfit I really enjoyed to wear! Hope you like it too?

T-Shirt: Puma by ASOS

Shirt: H&M

Cuff & Watch: Daniel Wellington

Trousers: C&A

Shoe’s: Adidas

Sunglasses: H&M

What do you think about Puma? Do you think this brand has a comeback or no? Tell me what you thing about!



One thought on “ROAR LIKE A PUMA

  1. Hey Yaya :)
    Die Bilder gefallen mir wie immer richtig gut! :)
    Ich finde das total schön wie du lachst! Das kommt richtig glücklich und authentisch rüber.

    Die Uhr gefällt mir besonders, die ist so schön schlicht und puristisch, typisch DW halt ^^

    Modische Grüße,


    Liked by 1 person

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