May I Introduce…Siegfried von Weesteschgaart?!






























If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you already saw were I went yesterday…but for those who have absolutely no idea, forget everything and add me on IG and Snap(!!!) Haha…just kidding…or am I? Wait what?


May I introduce…Siegfried von Weesteschgaart!

If you listened to your teacher at school you know that Siegfried was the founder of Luxembourg, and of course it’s just prefect that the Bigard Squad & Co from Concept + Partners name their Bar like that. Seriously a nice statement. I’m always flattered that I’m a part of those evenings, and I really appreciate every moment of it! This time something was a little bit different, when the Concept + Partners opened a new Bar you could tell who’s also invited, but this time, I saw a few new faces, and that was very refreshing.

Refreshing were also the drinks we had, we received everything we wished for and the little appetizers from their kitchen were just amazing. They served little finger foods from their actual menu. Like the “Feierstengszalot”, a meat salad, was served in little spoons.

Siegfried is a new place to be for good after work drinks and awesome luxembourgish food. I mean c’mon there is no concept stayin’ in their way, and I love how they create a new freshness into Luxembourg. Every concept of theirs is just on point, if it is Franz which has an awesome terrace an classy Great Gatsby concept or Hitch which is a delicious Burger place.

Even the staff at Siegfried was very attentively, because one of them noticed that I didn’t touched the meat hors d’oeuvre, so he came by with a tomato mozzarella platter which was very nice of him.

So if you’re into Luxembourgish food and you love grungy flyer’s on the wall from old movies this place is absolutely right for you, and I can imagine when the weather is getting hotter this is also a nice place to sit around and have a nice drink…

What do you think about Siegfried? And do you remember how the place was before? Like I used to go there after school or in my lunch break to have a bite but it was really dark in there and you couldn’t see your own food…remember?

Hope you like their new place like I do…Tell me what do you think about it on the comment section below…


don’t forget to stay fresh and always love yourself <3


Siegfried von Weesteschgaart

41, Allée Scheffer

L-2520 Luxembourg

+352 2740 4141



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