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Hello guys, I hope you have a great start today…ugh I know…monday’s are the worst! Si I thought I could lighten up your day with some real cool fashion highlights from Luxembourg’s biggest catwalk…The Grand Rue! The weather was perfect to show you the first fashionable dudes here in Luxembourg. There were so many guys and girls who were dressed like models. It’s every year like this…when the first sun comes out, the luxembourgish dudes are ready to show their newest collection. Thank you so much to every guy who said yes to be taken on a picture. I can relate when a total stranger comes up to you and asks to take a picture for his blog. So THANK YOU, for doing it. I had some very diffrent behaviours this time which made me laugh. For example there was a couple, who I wanted to take a picture of the guy and the guy was suprisingly happy about the fact that I just wanted to shoot a picture of his style and not of his girlfriend. Another guy just Shhht me away…BTW Mister Dickhead! I can understand that not everyone wants to be a part of this blogpost but at least have some manners and talk to me like I’m a person not your fucking pet! Makes me more angry that his outfit was on fleek and I can’t shade him against that…anyway…

The best answer I had was the guy who looked at me and said “Daaaaamn, my style is actually cooler than this one” :)

What do you think of our guys? Which one is your favorite?Tell me on the comment section below


Don’t forget to stay fresh and always love yourself 💜


2 thoughts on “Streetboiz 2.0

  1. Such a cool idea! I thinks it’s a lot of fun to take these pics – except the rude guy you mentioned. ;-)
    I loved 2 and 4!

    Invite me next time when you go to shoot this. It would be FUN! :-D

    Xo Sara


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