Urban Dude












Finally the weather changes into friendly spring weather! Omg you guys, that’s something I missed for such a loooooong time!☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

So I decided to change my pyjamas into my new favorite look from ASOS. You’re maybe thinkin’ that I’m an ASOS addict (YAAAAS!), but ASOS is nowadays the only brand which which fits my taste and has a plus size collection. I had a hard time to chose the place where I could take the pictures, but then the lightbulb over my head lightend up and I thought; “hey, why not taking some pictures at the skate park here in my town”…Great Idea, because then I’m also totally alone at lunch hour. NOT!!!!!!

Appereantly the guys from town hall are working during lunch hour and all the trucks decided to fill up their watertanks with water. So now guess where the water station is situated…Next to the place I wanted to take the pictures. The guys were all really nice and they managed their trucks that I still could take my pictures…So cute…and so me #clumsy

Oversized-Sweater: Asos Plus Size

Watch: Apple Watch

Scarf: Louis Vuitton

Shoe’s: Nike Huarache

Jacket: Asos Plus Size

Glasses: Ray Ban Aviator

Wish you a beautiful sunny day folks and don’t forget always to stay fresh and to love yourself ❤️ 💝 💕

What do you think about my spring look from Asos? Do you like it? Tell me in the comment section below! Would be happy to read a few of your meanings!



8 thoughts on “Urban Dude

  1. I totally LOVE the Outfit and pics! The Skate Park is amazing for shootings, I have to go there again. ;-) And I really love your blog design. AWESOMEEE!

    XoXo and have a nice weekend!


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