This could be a JFK affair

















If you’re craving for some burgers this could be one of a few places here in Luxembourg where you can eat a good one. Appereantly this homemade burger style is a thing now. Everywhere you go they serve “the” homemade burger. 🍔

If it’s not at Hitch, it is at Edelwyss, Franz, Coppers, Max and Moritz or Bei den Bouwen just to name a few restaurants here in Luxembourg. A friend of mine said that they serve one of the best veggie burgers at JFK. The name for this burger restaurant came up because it’s situated on the John F. Kennedy street. Bummer!

The service was quiet fine and the staff was very friendly. We ordered two burgers one veggie and one cheese burger. I took the garlic mayo and if you really want to kiss your boo afterwards this mayo is not a good idea. #buffy’snewestweapon. I love garlic and this mayonnaise was one of the best things that happened to me in 2016! Single 4 eva! Mayo is life…No, not really, it’s actually pizza, or tacos…

After our dinner we ordered some coffee and as a little gift (probably because I made so many pictures during that whole evening) we recieved some yummy treats to take with our coffee. Such a nice thing to do, and the chocolates were okay.

It’s a shame that there are so many burger diners here in Luxembourg because the JFK’s has a great potential. It’s rusty and totally lumber-ish…

I would say if you’re really a burger fan, I mean, GO FOR IT! Or if you’re at the theatre and after the movies you want to go out to have a bite, this could also a great place for you because it’s near the Utopolis.

I wouldn’t go if I weren’t in the surrounding area because it’s not situated in a practical place. Even if I had a great burger and everything was just fine this place would not be one of my first choices.

Don’t forget to love yourself and always stay fresh 💕 💝



JFK Bar & Kitchen

37 Avenue J-F Kennedy,

1855 Luxembourg, Luxemburg

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