Réiser Päerdsdeeg 2016

















I was invited to join the CSIO Réiser Päerdsdeeg. Since 1992 the tournament at the Herchesfeld is a total succes. If you’re interessted into horse sports this is the perfect event for you. It’s also an event where you can socialize with the crème de la crème of the luxembourg society. I had the chance to be a VIP guest and to join their lunch which was offered by the windsor catering. 🥘 💗

I was in gossip girl heaven! I felt like one of the Selena and Blair Waldorf squad. Everything was clean shiny and just perfect. The weather was amazing and the Veuve Cliquot at their bar cooled me down.

The food was excuisit and I enjoyed every bite of it. Even if I never was interessted to watch a tournament, the whole day in Roeser was very enjoyable.

2017 the tournament will be at the 28th of june til the 2nd of july. I will definetly join the whole experience again.

What do you think about the Réiser Päerdsdeeg? Did you ever went there? Tell me in the comment section below, and I hope to see you there this year!

Don’t forget to love yourself and always stay fresh 💕 💝



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