Esters LDN










55 Kynaston Road London N16 0EB

Tel. 020 7254 0253

If you’re in London for a weekend and you really want to enjoy a lovely place where you can hang out for brunch, Esters is the right place. It’s where the hip and trendy people hang out to enjoy a lovely time. I went to London to visit my friend M. She took me with her to that awesome place. She spoke like an entire weekend about that place and their famous french toast. And you know what? She was totally right…

Their french toast is to die for. I’ve never had a french toast like this. It was so tasty and the combination with the fruits, nuts and cinnamon was perfect. Unfortunately I shared it with M. because each of us had an egg benedict which was incredibly smooth and creamy on the inside. I really don’t know which sauce they used but I know that I wanted to spoon that sauce so hard…😂

It was a very busy saturday for Ester’s and even if the service wasn’t perfect, the rest of it was. So many people came in and out that day, everybody with their little stories and their life. So many faces and I understand why everybody wanted to be there because at Ester you feel at home. Even if you’re a thousands of kilometers away from home…

What do you think of Esters? Would you give it a try when you’re on your next London visit? Tell me on the comment section below…

Hope you have a great day, don’t forget to love yourself and always be fresh💕



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