Carebears for your hair









I tested the sugarbearhair vitamins for one month. They’re really awesome and after a month I really recognized a diffrence with my hair. But first things first…

I know the product is a total Kardashian push product and I hate that kind of marketing BUT, I’m a huge Kardashian fan and everything what they’ll do I’m totally blindfolded. I’m like possessed by a Kardashian demon 😈. Everything they have (which I can afford, obs.) I need to have it too. #curse #amI12again? Anyway…

I tried them because their concept is great, it’s cruelty free, vegan and in fact they taste sooooooo good. I took other hair treatments before and because of the wheat in it, they tasted horribly! That’s the pro on the list.
The other thing was that my hair was really shiny after the cure and a little bit thicker than before.

Otherwise if you really don’t want to spent that amount of money for those bears, you can still take the vitamins from your drug store, I guess the effect is the same…but once you tried them, you can’t go back…The sugarbearhair’s have such an awesome taste you’ll have to be very patient just to take two per day.

What do you think about that product?would you try it once? Tell me on the comment section below.

If you want to order the sugaberhair treatment you can buy them here!

I wish you a wonderful day and don’t forget to stay fresh and allways love yourself



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