What’s wrong with my chocker?

Hey guys.It’s choker time.So I think if you have the balls to wear it, NOW IS YOUR TIME! You already know that I’m from Luxembourg and I think people here are a little bit uptight! Last week I went to a party and I swear my choker was THE HIGHLIGHT of the evening! I mean people know how I act and that I’m always chasing the newest trends, and when I think I could try them, like this little piece of lace, I’ll do it! So it happens that everybody was asking me about my new accessory.

“Why are you wearing this?”

“What is this?”

“Yeah but why?”

This threw me into the year 2012 where I was wearing my “Givenchy Septum” to a Luxembourgish Music Festival and everybody was starring at it! I mean ok this thing was HUGE!!But a chocker? C’mon! It’s a piece of lace around my neck!There was even some people who thought this was because of my sexuality and that I’m into BDSM! LIKE OBVY!

Anyway, I love to be creative when it comes to fashion and sometimes it’s hard to try diffrent stuff here…What about you? Are you getting a lot of questions about your special style?

What do you think about menchoker?

Tell me in the comment section below, would be nice to hear from ya…



Geek glasses: London Street market

Shirt and T-Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Burgundy Converse

Choker: Lace (nothing special)

Pictures by ANOUK







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